Our experiences with drip-feeding

We have found in order to drip feed successfully a quality DNC system is crucial. There can be drawbacks if the system is not installed properly or uses a poor hardware and software combination. Just imagine...you're drip-feeding a part that takes 8 hours to run and on the 7th hour the machine gets a piece of erroneous data. If you're lucky the machine will just stop.

Some other advantages of a DNC system:

  • The ability to effortlessly send, receive and drip-feed NC-code to any or all of you machines at the same time
  • Allows the operators to send, receive and drip feed G-code programs directly from the CNC controls no need to go to the PC
  • Retrieve programs from a central location allowing better revision control
  • Save proven programs to a central location preventing file overwrites with no user intervention required
  • Control any CNC from any PC on the network
  • No need to purchase additional memory for the CNC
  • Maximize production and streamline processes
  • The ability of Machine Tool Monitoring using DPRINT

What is a DNC system

A DNC system creates a CNC communications network giving you the ability to manage your CNC programs and machines. It supports a wide range of CNC communications protocols used for drip-feeding, downloading, and uploading your NC-code. Today's DNC systems also have the ability of capturing DPRINT data from the CNC giving you the ability to incorporate Machine Tool Monitoring into your DNC system.

A DNC system usually consist of DNC software and a 32-bit multi-port serial card or Ethernet connected serial hub appliances. We find that Comtrol devices work the best for us. The latest technology gives us the ability to connect the CNC machines using wirelessCNC devices.

For more information see our WirelessCNC web site.

Wireless CNC layout image